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Internet Telephone VoIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) – Technology and Terms

The VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) as a substitute to the conventional POTS (plain old telephone service) for your office or home, you will be hit with an all new set of technical terminology and industry terminology. This is a guide to assist, elucidate and describe some of the fundamental vocabulary utilized in the VoIP world.

Numerous terms are not limited to the VoIP world. As with countless technologies that revolve around the wireless networking, broadband contact and the telephony, you will see these conditions somewhere else so it will be useful for you to be aware of their meaning as they relate to VoIP.

Telephone Adapter:
In the world of VoIP, a telephone adapter is a device that is installed linking your network and the telephone hardware. You can imagine of it as a converter as it from time to time referred to by this term. The easiest of these devices have 3 connections, power adapter connected to a power outlet a 4-wire telephone connection, plug in your conventional telephone hardware and also an Ethernet adapter as to connect the device to network. The adapter converts, the analog phone signal to an IP protocol.

Undersized for coder / decoder this is a decompression and compression utility that digitizes and squeezes the analog voice signal formed by your telephone. There are a number of dissimilar codec’s utilized and each one present contrary levels of compression. With varying levels of compression, come dissimilar levels of excellence of tone of voice over the line.

VoIP Service Provider:
This is the provider of an actual connectivity of VoIP hardware, your network and for others as well. Some offer merely computer-based services at the same time others provide office solutions or complete home counting numerous phone numbers and also the fax or the data solutions.

SIP stands for (Session Initiation Protocol) which manages the way VoIP traffic is broadcasted and routed over a broadband network. SIP is the standard by which a session (phone call) is begins and the place where it finished (phone hangs up).

VoIP phone:
VoIP is a telephone that is intended specially to be utilized with a VoIP service. It also has the functionality of mutually; first one is the telephone, a telephone in its basic design but includes all the functionality of a telephone adapter making is a single self-contained VoIP device.

Soft phone:
This is in actually a misleading term in which it is not a phone at all in actually. Soft phone is a computer that is prepared with a speaker (or headset), microphone and also a software program that permits you to construct telephone calls with no need for a conventional telephone or an adapter.

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